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The rapidity with which , Varners has reached the top ranks among the law firms in Sri Lanka,  is sufficient testimony to its dynamic professionalism. While offering a broad range   of practice areas, we take pride in our results oriented approach and  uncompromising   professionalism , features which stood us in good stead  in the challenging times the country went through in the recent past. With the return of peace to the Island, we look forward to going from strength to strength.



The Sri Lankan economy was liberalized in the late 1970’s, the first country in South Asia to do so. However, the civil disturbances and protracted terrorist activity that followed soon after prevented it from reaping the full benefits of the liberalized economic policies and conditions prevailing. With the return of peace to the country in 2009, there is every reason to believe that the Sri Lankan economy is poised to take off on a run of sustained growth with a transformative potential. In 2010, the dust hardly settled after the tough fighting in the rebel areas, the country achieved a very impressive 8% growth rate in its Gross Domestic Product. The fact that two of the fastest growing economies in the world, China and India, are friendly neighbours with large investments in the country, it is bound to impact as well as accelerate this process.



Varners is well equipped to meet the demands of the fast evolving legal world. With nearly 30 experienced lawyers in house, it is one of the largest law firms in the country. It has developed strong connections with several major law firms in the region as well as beyond, enabling it to meet, both national as well as international client requirements with a seamless legal service.


In our web site, we endeavour to provide you with a snapshot of the firm’s profile, practice areas, offerings, approach and dynamism. If you need to know more, you can get in touch with the relevant Partners who will be able to provide you with more information.




Our Approach


We believe that a satisfied client is our best reference.


While offering a timely and a professional service, we are fully aware that today's clients are looking for some thing more from lawyers. We endeavour to delight them with solutions that put them at an advantage, both legally as well as commercially. In a highly competitive world, the person with the strongest legal ‘armour’ starts with an invaluable lead over his competitors.


Varners has an advantage in having opened in the present form and structure relatively recently. In the process of the extensive restructuring which took place in 2004, we were able to design and organize the Firm in such a manner that it is responsive to the needs and requirements of today’s client. There was no need to reform old methods or discard archaic habits. Straight away we came out as a modern, dynamic and well equipped law firm, ready to deliver a world class service.



A Brief History


“He who has ceased to improve has ceased to be good” ~ Chinese Proverb


Varners, as the firm in now referred to, was founded in the early 1960s as a single handed practice by the late S. Ambalavarner, a much acclaimed personality in the legal profession of Sri Lanka. Mr. Ambalavarner was renowned as an authority on tax law and as a formidable lawyer with an international practice. In the 1980s, his wide practice evolved into a large law firm name Varners Lanka Law Office which eventually became Varners in 2004. In the relatively short period, the firm has moved into the front ranks among the law firms in Sri Lanka consistently maintaining the high standards set by its founder, while establishing a reputation for a prompt and efficient service in a wide range of practice areas.


The inspiring Chinese saying, quoted above, exemplifies the philosophy which guided us in our journey up to now. We never cease to improve.



The reputation the Firm has built up in the years since is testimony to the firm’s ability to consistently deliver a high quality legal service of an exceptional value. We believe that every client is important and his/her requirements are unique. There is no substitute for hard work and we are committed to thorough research, adopting appropriate strategies in each case and providing timely solutions.


We work in close cooperation with other advisers and regulators to achieve the outcome desired by the client. The multi-disciplinary nature of Varners enables it to address many aspects of client needs, in-house.


We also believe that ethical and professional conduct is not a mere slogan but must be lived up to in full measure. It is the core of our legal practice.


Social Responsibility


We at Varners believe that the legal profession has a greater social responsibility outside of our daily professional work. Our lawyers are encouraged to be active in social activity encompassing a wide range of work from social to sports administration.


A good example of an initiative taken primarily by our lawyers is the Law College Foundation which was established in 2006 with the intention of assisting the century old professional institution which is the Alma Mater of all the Sri Lankan Lawyers. Our lawyers have, apart from fund raising for the Foundation, provided leadership and administrative guidance for it since its establishment. Through its efforts, the Foundation has been able to do much service at the Sri Lanka Law College, including providing internet facilities, improvements of the library and a complete face lift to the buildings.


International Groupings

> The Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA).
> International Bar Association (IBA)

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